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This your way of getting back at me for the photo? That's cruel and unusual. Ten minutes, and I'll be there, unless someone steals me while I'm on my way. Don't do anything fun without me.

Of course, Rey is a woman on a mission, and as she hurried along thankfully mostly empty corridors. It seems this is the right time of day to sneak about unnoticed.

It's closer to twelve minutes when she knocks softly, but she's made it without getting waylaid. Now, though, as she waits for Poe to answer the door, she can't help the way her nerves flutter into life.
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[ooc: continued from here.]

Rey doesn't intend on running. Even if their relationship doesn't shift into the romantic, she's certain that all three of them will forever be in each other's orbits. The decision to take that step isn't one to be made very lightly, and she understands (she and Finn understand) that once the subject was broached, it probably would take some time to come to a decision.

They've even spoken about the possibility of dating one-on-one (and one-on-one) until it was as easy as breathing to slip into a trio. After all, she and Finn are still discovering all there is to know about each other, and intimacy, and the myriad aspects of love. (It won't offend them - if he brings up the suggestion before one or the both of them beat him to it.)

For now, it's easy enough to curl up close, like at Poe's side is the most natural spot for her to be, to listen with wide eyes and bated breath, more than happy to listen as he paints her such a vivid picture. She'd probably eagerly accept the offer to read together, or share stories, she and Poe and Finn, too, tangled up together just like this.

Now wasn't exactly the right time to bring up that sort of trauma, but at some point, the conversation probably needs to be had - if even to put their fears and worries to rest, to reassure each other that they'd both done everything they could to resist - that they weren't weak for cracking.

She could argue, but then they'd be trapped in an endless loop of 'no, you're braver', and there were better things to talk about!

Rey breathes out a soft chuckle to hear that - it definitely sounds like Finn, her Finn, who, in the middle of a crisis asked her about having a hypothetical cute boyfriend. Now he is her cute boyfriend. The story is really getting exciting, and her fingers curl into his shirt, holding tight. "There goes your quick escape!"
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[ooc: ... continued from here.]

[Rey can't help her pleased little huff of breath then. Maybe it wasn't the most romantic or even sexiest thing she could have said, but it's gotten them here, and that is all that matters. Because she is absolutely enjoying being close, and sharing the sort of intimacy she'd really never known before. And although she finds herself suddenly very pink-cheeked, she still manages to answer - ] Absolutely, I do.

[She doesn't really want to think about leaving, but it was looming on the horizon. And while she also doesn't want to bring the mood down, it was exceptionally pleasing - reaffirming, even - that Tim seems to want her to stay just as much as she wants to stay.] ... I'm beginning to think that maybe I shouldn't go. [She has responsibilities, sure, huge ones, but who's to say that she would ever feel for anyone else the way she feels for Tim? It seems unfair to have to choose.]

[And then, he's touching her in ways she's daydreamed out so many times before, and chills are running up and down the length of her spine, and even though she doesn't really notice, as breathless and overwhelmed as she is, she leans all the closer, eager for more, pressing herself into his palms all the more fully.] Yes! Is it - what you want, too?
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[continued from here ... ]

All good things came to an end sometime, and although Rey would have preferred dealing with the inevitable meltdown within the privacy of their home, here they are in the middle of a restaurant, and here came the screaming. Luckily, they'd been down this road a time or two before, and it didn't take long to begin gathering her things, well aware that other customers were beginning to stare.

Ben moved just as quickly in order to get Matt unbuckled from the booster seat, and up and away from the pizza, lest another slice go flying. Honestly, she should have known better than to talk about cake with little ears listening, but that was a lesson learned, and she wouldn't be repeating this anytime soon.

"I'll take care of this, you try to calm him down before we leave."

Maybe, if they were lucky, the tantrum wouldn't escalate into something ... far louder. Maybe, if they were lucky, by the time they arrived home, sad sniffling would be the remnants of this little outburst. Maybe the promise of a couple of episodes of Yoda before bath, book, and bed would be enough to make up for no cake.

She could hope.

So, as Ben swiftly removed Matt from the restaurant, Rey headed to the register to pay and ask for a box. Sure, some of the pizza had been thrown around mercilessly, but most of it was salvageable. A few short minutes later, she joined her husband and son, leftovers in hand.

"Okay - we ready to go?"

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[ooc: continued from here ... ]

[You find a connection where you find a connection, and Rey wasn't about to let something like a little bit of an age difference stop her from pursuing a friendship. Or ... whatever this friendship was twisting and shifting into.

Maybe she doesn't really understand the intricacies of dating or intimacy, but she knows that she likes Jess - she likes the pilot quite a bit. Any chance she could get to spend time together, she jumped at the chance to take. Like right now, even though it's bordering on late, and she knew that she had a full day of meditation and training when the morning comes.

But thoughts of anything other than Jess and how good she looks, and if Rey actually should have brought something, anything from her own quarters, if that was the proper protocol when it came to a date, and ... was that what this was? Confusing.]
Hello. Hi - [She smiles, and ducks her head in order to hide her suddenly pink cheeks before taking the first step inside.] Thank you.


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